Patient Testimonials

I would for sure recommend Dr. Hart and his staff! They we all great and made my daughter’s experience great. At seven, I thought she would be scared but she was super excited because of the great first consultation. Thank you all!

Mindy K.

Wisdom Teeth consultation on Thursday and surgery to remove all four teeth the following Tuesday. Our experience from start to finish was SUPERIOR to say the least!!! We especially liked the follow up call from Dr. Hart himself the day after surgery. ANY doctor who takes the time out of his very busy schedule to make a phone call to his patient to see how he is doing… makes a huge statement about how passionate he is about his practice!!!

Lisa T.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr. Hart and his fabulous team for making my son’s Wisdom Teeth removal so easy going! Luka has recovered extremely well and we really appreciate the follow up phone calls you have made.

Katie H.

I read Dr. Hart’s reviews prior to setting up my appointment and I was not disappointed. Dr. Hart and his staff made me feel comfortable right from the very start and he personally took the time to call a few days later to see how I was. Could not have asked for a better experience!

– Suzanne B.

Thank you all for taking such good care of our son Tanyr. He is doing well after having his wisdom teeth removed on Friday! Great staff, great Doctor, caring and very professional! Could not be happier with our choice. When the time comes for our other kids to have theirs out, we will most definitely return to Dr Hart! Could not be happier! Highly recommend this office!

Laurie W.

Thank you for your care today!!!

Rachael was so friendly on the phone! She answered all of our questions and researched cost for us, as well as coverage from our insurance. She is a great voice to represent the office.

I’m relieved that Dr. Hart didn’t recommend anesthesia which was unnecessary, just to make more money. Since we are on a fixed income, that’s what we look for in our providers.

– Stacey B.

Dr. Hart and his staff are very professional and caring. Would definitely recommend you to anyone needing your services.

Gayle G.

Having an extraction is never fun, but when it comes to your third…well you’re a seasoned pro and know exactly what to expect. Or so I thought. Dr. Hart and his team were amazing – by far the best extraction I’ve ever had.I had minimal pain – nothing that some Advil couldn’t take care of – and I’ve NEVER had that before. I think I may even be tempted to say the whole experience was very pleasant. I’ll definitely be back in 2014 for an implant. Have a great Christmas everyone, and thank you so much!

Michelle C.

Dear Dr. Kristopher Hart and Staff,

Many THANKS again to all of you for your professional and excellent help, for your kindness, for your patience and best your smiles while I was in your office. I wish you all a healthy and fun summer


Dr. Hart,
Thank you so much for doing Trever’s surgery and helping us out! We appreciate it very much! You and your staff were amazing and did a wonderful job! Thanks again!


Dr. Hart & Staff-

Thank you for making my surgery so easy. Everyone was so nice & has been very helpful while I am healing.


Hi Rachel,

Just wanted to wish Merry X-Mas to you and Dr. Hart & staff for my surgery. Wishing you & the staff many thanks for helping me & my family get though my surgery process. I am very satisfied at the outcome of my new left cheek, Thanks Dr. Hart. I will be set to go back to work on Sunday & if anything comes up or any further questions or concerns pop up I will be in touch but so far so good. Many Thanks!!!

Best Wishes to Dr. Hart, You, Gloria & Staff


Dear Dr. Hart,

I want to take the time to thank you for the excellent care you gave me during my time of need. You and your staff did a superb job at caring for me. Every appointment I have had with you has been an especially pleasant experience. You and your staffs bed side manner has been exceptional in every way. You put me at ease during every step of the way. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. There was no significant pain after the surgery, and I particularly appreciate your calls to me during my recovery time.

Again, thank you for a great experience and my daughter will need implants in the next couple of years and we will certainly be bringing her to you. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to other people when they are in need of an oral surgeon.


I just wanted to say thank you for all your staff did for me. Everyone was so pleasant, respectful and kind. Considering this was not my favorite thing to do you were all great. Thank you!


Dear Doctor Hart and Staff at Castle Rock Oral and Facial Surgery,
Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed when I came in to get my wisdom teeth out. You have a great team and my recovery is going extremely well! You did such a wonderful job and Im so thankful for you guys!


Hi Dr. Hart! Thank you so much for the “check in” call last night. That was very kind of you. We are both doing well. You did an amazing job! Hope you have a great day!


Love Dr. Hart! Ten stars!



Thank you to all of you for taking such good care of me. All of you are so awesome!!

Thank you again,

Everyone is so knowledgeable and caring! Dr. Hart is the best!!


I wanted to share our experience with Dr. Hart and Castle Rock Oral & Facial Surgery. My husband and I both saw Dr. Hart to have a tooth extracted. We were very pleased with the results! Not only was the entire staff pleasant and professional, they made us feel very comfortable and were so friendly! We would recommend this office to anyone who is need of dental or facial work. Thank you again so much to Dr. Hart and the entire staff!


Dr. Kristopher Hart DDS,

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I know you’re doing your job, but its my health. Kris thank you very much again.


I was very pleased with my experience at Castle Rock Oral and Facial Surgery! Before arriving, I was very nervous about having my wisdom teeth removed, but the friendly staff immediately made me more relaxed. Honestly, the procedure was over before I knew it! There were no complications, and I have no complaints! I highly recommend Dr. Hart to anyone needing oral surgery. You’ll be very happy with the results!

Mia D.

Dr. Hart and his great assistants are by far the very best at what they do…period. Up to date with the latest knowledge, techniques and procedures. I sent them my paperwork and when I arrived they handed me an iPad and asked me to review and hassles. Now, that’s progress. Do yourself a favor and call Dr. Hart’s office first and you’ll get the most outstanding and kind treatment that you can imagine…Thank You, Dr. Hart and Staff…!!!

Floyd L.

Like most people, I am not a huge fan of dental work, especially dental surgery. I let Dr. Hart know that quite a few times right up until I passed out from the IV sedation. I explained to him that I have very deep veins and that in the past; it has taken nurses 14-16 stabs to get blood from me so I was worried about that when he would be putting in my IV. Dr. Hart was confident that he could do it in one try. I wasn’t so sure. Needless to say, I was still telling him about how bad everyone else had been at getting needles in my veins as I started to slur my words and went comfortably to sleep. I woke up having no idea what just happened to me with Dr. Hart and his staff telling me I did great and I could go home, as long as I rode in a wheelchair to the car. Everyone there made me feel so comfortable that I can honestly say if I had to have the SAME procedure done next week (pulling two teeth) that I would not even worry about it. In fact, if I had known about Dr. Hart 6 years ago when this problem started, I could have lived a much more comfortable life without pain instead of always putting it off, hoping it would go away by itself. All in all, I will absolutely send every person I know who needs work of this nature done to Dr. Hart knowing full well that he will take care of them the same way he took care of me. I cannot thank him enough for the great job and making me feel so comfortable. Thank you to you and your staff Dr. Hart!

Chris T.

Thursday I suddenly had extreme wisdom tooth pain due to an impacted tooth, my dentist referred me to local oral surgeons in Colorado springs i called a few and everyone was booked till at least 1-2 weeks out and my pain was just unbearable i couldn’t last that long. I decided to look at oral surgeons out of the Springs and found Dr. Hart’s office I told them my situation and Trish the receptionist said she was booked but would talk to Dr. Hart to see if could see me Friday, sure enough they made room for me to see them Friday morning with a consultation and Surgery the same day. I absolutely loved their services and would recommend them to anyone if you unfortunately have to get oral surgery this office is where you want to go. The entire staff made me feel special and explained the process with detail and the cost was very reasonable, they gave me a discount if you paid all at once. When my procedure was done they took time to explain everything I needed to know about post operation they are awesome and saved my face and body from pain that I would have had to wait for in the Springs! That’s customer service (:

Chelsea S.

Dr. Hart did a great job with my son’s surgery. Staff was considerate and helpful. I highly recommend them.

Elizabeth H.

Dear Dr. Hart and Staff at Castle Rock OMS,

I have been meaning to write and thank you for the excellent way you handled the removal of my wisdom tooth in March. Everyone was so helpful and courteous.

I have had no problems from the surgery and the instructions you gave for after the surgery were perfect.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who asked me for a recommendation. I also wanted to thank Trisha for following up on my dental benefits. I was really happy to get $239.refunded, and I know it is because you appealed their first decision.

Thanks again and I hope your practice continues to grow and prosper.

Best Regards,

WOW! What a great experience my son and I had at CROFS! Front desk was great and Dr. Hart was even greater!

Carol B.

Dr. Hart and his team are the best! I highly recommend them. They took great care of our daughter, extremely professional and caring.

Randy S.

Kid #2 got wisdom teeth out today! Dr. Hart says she did wonderful! I think DR. HART does wonderful work. I expected our daughter to have a more difficult time than her brother (who had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday) as hers were more impacted and sideways…She can’t wait for her lip to wake up, but other than that…she is eating mushy stuff and drinking lots of water! What a great experience….We’ll recommend this office to everyone!!! Dr. Hart even called at 8:30 last night to check on our 1st patient!!

Stacey W.

Nobody wants to have a tooth taken out, but I am just amazed at the experience I had with your office yesterday. I am a little sore today, but NOTHING like I expected to be and I attribute that to the care with which you handled my busted-up tooth. Thank you SO much for allowing me to get back to work so quickly!

Kimberley K.

Had a great experience with Dr. Hart and his wonderful staff. Was a little nervous to get my wisdom teeth out but they were very nice and made me feel confident and relaxed. Had a complication that was taken care of right away and have had no issues since. Would highly recommend this practice! 🙂

Veronica J.

I can’t even believe that all 4 wisdom teeth were out in 30 minutes!! A stitch or two, a bunch of gauze, a numb lip and tongue…..all made so bearable and easy for our 18 yr. old!! He was a trooper, and Dr. Hart and his staff were SO wonderful!! THANKS!

Stacey W.

My son is not a “typical child” and Dr Hart and all the rest of his associates treated him with respect! Thank you guys so much!

Ann C.

Thank you Dr Hart and everybody else in the office too. I already feel a lot less pressure in my mouth, now that my wisdom teeth are out. Thanks for the call, too, to see how I am doing. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone needing to have their wisdom teeth taken out. You rock.

Ian P.

The staff was very personable, organized, and professional. I recovered quickly after having my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Hart made sure I had everything I needed. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it.

Erica J.

Very impressed with Dr. Hart and his entire staff. They did a terrific job of calming my 10 year old’s fears (and mine!!). Everything ran smoothly from the initial consult until the follow-up phone call that Dr. Hart made the night of her surgery. I would definitely recommend him and will be returning should we need his services in the future 🙂

Jen M.

Dr. Hart: You’re going to have an awesome career! Austin’s wisdom teeth extraction went very well. Good luck in your new office in Castle Rock!

Ann B.

I had a really great experience with Dr. Hart and the rest of the office! They were able to fit me in before I headed back to school and were super nice and helpful. Thank you!

Suman M.

Dr. Hart and his staff were amazing; from start to finish, very professional, caring and compassionate. Being retired military and finding out Dr. Hart had been an Army doctor really put me at ease. Thank you, Dr. Hart.

Don H.

Everyone is so knowledgeable and caring! Dr. Hart is the best!!

Karen H.

I wanted to share our experience with Dr. Hart and Castle Rock Oral & Facial. My husband and I both saw Dr. Hart to have a tooth extracted. We were very pleased with the results! Not only was the entire staff pleasant and professional, they made us feel very comfortable and were so friendly! We would recommend this office to anyone who is need of dental or facial work. Thank you again so much to Dr. Hart and the entire staff!

Amanda G.

Dr Hart, Thank you for a wonderful experience that was my first tooth extraction. I’m bringing in my son for you to do his wisdom teeth. Thank you again.

Jim P.

Best bone graft I’ve EVER had! Dr. Hart, his staff, and their space age equipment are all state of the art!

Alan R.